Tara and I decided to take a business trip to New York to try to get the word out about Coursicle at schools in New York. We were ultimately unsuccessful, especially at NYU (had a funny story about something that happened at WSP when we were flyering one day), but as I was getting in from the airport, it was just so clear how much friendlier people were in New York. Namely, the bar for them to start talking to you was lower, and about real stuff, not saying "good morning" or smiling at you when you walk by, I mean actually engaging in conversation that isn't about the weather. I've always loved New York, and this in one reason why I probably always will. Culture is contagious, and it gets passed on to the people who move here.

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Random guy on the subway. Some me browse by some code, asked if that was code and what it was. Launched into convo about “is it hard”. Had done Godaddy stuff for his family’s accounting firm. Asked if I was a website developer.