An appeal letter I believe I never submitted to the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM) when I was rejected.

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I am appealing because my capacity was not represented by my SAT score for I was not granted proper accommodations for the test. I am also appealing because the admissions committee was not given the opportunity to see who I really am:

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Hi, I’m Joseph Puccio, NCSSM applicant for the class of 2012, and I feel as though I would be a valuable addition to the NCSSM community because I work the best when I’m around friends, peers, and teachers. I love working with others, primarily because I find collaboration conducive to learning and understanding the matter at hand. When I’m given the responsibility of managing my own time, I’ll always find a healthy balance between friends, and work.

Ever since I realized my fervid interest in science, I’ve wanted to learn alongside those who share my passions. And 4 years ago when I first heard of NCSSM, I knew that going there would greatly better the course of my life.

The College Board did not grant me accommodations on the SAT, consequentially my score does not appropriately represent my ability. Also, I’d like you to know that for the past 2 years, not a day has gone by that I don’t imagine myself experiencing NCSSM. And I promise you that I will contribute all I have to the community and I know that doing so will be the most satisfying work I will ever be privileged to do.

I would also like the committee to know that “I will contribute all I can offer to the community and I know that doing so will be the most satisfying work I will ever be privileged to do.”

As my fascination with math has grown, so has my excitement about NCSSM.

My enthusiasm for NCSSM has extended since I first learned about it,

NCSSM was "built on the premise that regions which invest in the creation of human and intellectual capital will receive global economic returns, the key to success in a worldwide economy." Above all the qualities described in my application, I have the internally driven passion for learning all there is to know about science and mathematics in order to assist NCSSM in fulfilling their Mission.  I am the consummate NCSSM student and should not be overlooked. assist NCSSM fulfill their mission, as I know they will assist me fulfill mine.