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Inventory stage:

Take (fragile in suitcases, not fragile in container):
	•	Bed frame (can break down)
	•	Couch (can break down)
	•	Bean bag
	•	Gaming PC (a couple things taken out, like graphics card)
	•	40 books
	•	Pictures & frames, and posters
	•	Large dresser
	•	Small dresser
	•	Brother printer (14 x 7.5 x 15.5)
	•	Electronics drawer
	•	Router and backup drives
	•	Modem
	•	Vacuum
	•	TV Stand
	•	TV (Joe will be buying himself a better TV, around $600, but could use in NC room)
	•	Microwave (20 x 16 x 13)
	•	Bathroom trash can
	•	Kitchen trash can (26 x 11 x 16)*
	•	Blender
	•	All of our pots (Joe's big pots)
	•	The fancy Coursicle fan
	•	Desk chair
	•	High pile and low pile rug
	•	Two bath matts

Space depending (most important at top)
	•	3 other chairs
	•	Stepping stool

	•	Lamps
	•	Ottoman
	•	Tara's portable mattress
	•	IKEA Mattress (unsure how to transport to NY)

	•	Air Purifier ($300-$450)
	•	Casper Mattress ($300-$450)

	•	Bookshelf
	•	Tiny dresser
	•	Main table
	•	Side table
	•	Recycling bin
	•	Cosmo's crate
	•	Target rug in closet

Packing stage:
	•	Buy a fuck ton of small boxes ($100)
	⁃	Enhanced studio moving kit (11 medium, 3 large)
	⁃	20 Medium Moving Boxes (20 medium)
	⁃	EdenseeLake Cardboard Boxes 6 x 6 x 6 inches Small Shipping Boxes, 25 Pack
	⁃	12" wide Small bubble wrap roll (Amazon)
	⁃	2x Large stretch wrap (for furniture, Amazon)
	⁃	150' roll of foam sheets (Amazon)
	⁃	10 Pounds of Packing Paper (Amazon)
	•	Get boxes off craigslist, for free.
	•	Number the boxes and keep a list detailing what is inside. And when I say "detailing" I mean write in explicit detail, not just "Misc Bedroom." List it out as "pajamas, slippers, robe, toiletries," or "kitchen utensils, bottle/wine opener, plastic cups, cloth napkins."
	•	Ask yourself if your furniture is sturdy enough to make the trip. We had a bunch of IKEA stuff that we knew would not withstand the rigor of travel in the cube. We were right to not take it. We ended up selling most of it on Craigslist and between what we made and the savings from only having to use one cube, we had enough to replace these items after we moved.
	•	Need to call and get permit from place 10 days in advance. 

Putting it in pod stage: 
	•	We'll pack it ourselves most likely, but could go with trusted movers. 

Shipping stage (cost comparison): 
	•	UHaul: $2000
	⁃	try to negociate price with them if you find somewhere cheaper. U-Pack came down on price after we told them what U-Haul charged. They didn't match the price we had from U-Haul but that was to be expected. U-Haul's shipping containers are cheaply made - not much more than plywood, glue, and some screws with a tarp on top. U-Pack had metal shipping containers that were much more sturdy in appearance and feel.
	•	Penske?
	•	Discounts
	•	(no furniture)
	•	Compare a couple of options, pricing, and reputation.
	•	Only have these options, others aren't permitted to park on street: 
	⁃	UHaul
	⁃	$1,340 for shipping and 1 box ($18.00 for insurance). 
	⁃	Each U-Box container comes with 2 dozen free furniture pads
	⁃	Also includes 1 month of container usage. 
	⁃	7 feet tall, 8 feet long, 4.6 feet wide. 
	⁃	Add $200 for delivery
	⁃	$1540.00. 
	⁃	Add $337 and they'll deliver AND load it for us. 
	⁃	That's $1735.00
	⁃	UPack: 
	⁃	$2100 for 5 feet trailer space door to door, $1500 for terminal to terminal
	⁃	8 foot wide, 9 foot tall. We could hold the trailer for 24 hours or longer, and pack it exactly how we want. 
	⁃	$2500 for cube door to door, $1650 terminal to terminal
	⁃	We would call the city terminal there, 10 calendar days in advance, and then once we're approved, and the city will post the sign for us. 
	⁃	They're going to do everything for us. The sign will reserve a parking space for us. 
	⁃	The fees are attached to different addresses, but that will be handled through that department. 
	⁃	Would have to pay for the permit separately. 
	⁃	The 28th is the only day we have a trailer. Up to a week prior, but do have to put down card. 
	⁃	$1792 if we don't get it dropped off in Morrisville. 
	⁃	$75 coupon (they applied it)
	⁃	Smartbox Moving: 
	⁃	$1,887 for door to door. 
	⁃	Packrat 
	⁃	STAYHOME code for $50 off
	⁃	Their smallest container: 16 feet long, 8 feet wide, 7 feet tall. 
	⁃	$301.48 for rental rate per month.
	⁃	$4,700 for transit which does include tax. 
	⁃	Got them down to $3,500 total.
	⁃	Pods
	⁃	10% off with RMN10OFF
	⁃	7 by 7 by 8 foot. Tie down hooks. Month by month. 
	⁃	They price match with Packrat. 
	⁃	$2781 plus tax.

Unpacking stage: 
	•	Save all of your receipts for anything related to moving expenses. You can generally deduct this off of your taxes.
	•	Most of it will go to Tara's attic (non temperature controlled), then Joe will drive remainder to the storage space and Joe's house. 

Quarantine stage: 
	•	Can't stay at Tara's place for quarantine. 
	•	Paul's house? 
	•	Neil's house?