More notes about what we were buying from IKEA. We bought almost all of our furniture at IKEA, and if we needed something and didn't like what they had there, we bought it on Craigslist. Tara and I had a very minimalist approach when we first moved (although from her side, I think it might have been to save money, I'm about reducing clutter and only having things in my life that bring me joy; yes, I know who I sound like). We didn't want to just buy something because everyone else told us we needed it, or because we assumed we needed it. We would wait until we felt the pain before we bought something. A good example was a printer. We didn't buy a printer for like the first year, but we needed to print so much stuff (for returns, for taxes, etc.) and printing by going to FedEx was such a huge pain in the ass that it was just worth it to buy a printer.

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- [ ] Found a TV that looks interesting. DECIDED. PURCHASED. 
- [ ] Area to the left of the sink for drying rack: 17" by 24.5". 21" high. DECIDED: something from IKEA
- [ ] Sidetable for couch: Max: 23" by 22" (on either side) or 37" if we put on the non heater side. DECIDED. IN CART. CHANGED. GET THE LACK SIDE TABLE IKEA. 
- [ ] Corner near window for bookshelf or lamp: 20" by 15"
- [ ] For TV stand:  55" by 30" 
- [ ] Microwave base dimensions: 13.5" x 20"
- [ ] Height of lerhamn table to base (legs must be below): 25.25" (height of table is 29")

Additional things to get:
- [ ] Something to hold towels in closet. Probably IKEA.
- [ ] Ottoman. Height of couch: 15"
- [ ] A shower thing that can hold things in the shower. Suction cups? 
- [ ] Lamps/lighting things
- [ ] Holder for tooth brushes (probably IKEA). 
- [ ] Trash can for kitchen (IKEA or BBB). 
- [ ] A container for holding water (possibly 2). 
- [ ] Utensil tray for drawer (wood one at BBB is $15, probably go with Variera at IKEA $7). Small drawer is 8.9 wide and 14 long. Large is 19 wide and 18.5 long. 
- [ ] Storage item for bathroom (hairdryer and other things)  (probably IKEA, Top of toilet: 16" by 6.5". Depth of tank to wall: 9.5". Height to outlet is 21" (max height). 
- [ ] Something to put under bed to function as a side table. Height of underside bed: 9". 
- [ ] Paper towel holder (probably IKEA)
- [ ] Plunger (probably Walmart)
- [ ] Toilet roll holder. DECIDED: umbra silver (bed bath and beyond). Can check Craigslist. CHANGE. DECIDED IKEA:
- [ ] Superglue (for the table  where the edge is coming off)
- [ ] Salt holder for cooking. DECIDED. PURCHASED. 

Additional Additional: 
- [ ] Possibly a little sponge holder for the kitchen sink