More posting and the random insights gathered from doing this day in and day out.

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Post on half of reddits, break into groups of similarity. 
Groupme's: just do the ones where it wouldn't be spammy (unless it's 2021 class)
Facebooks: do all the facebooks, but make sure it doesn't look spammy 
No need to post on class of 2017; they have graduated

Takeaways: post on the day that classes start, not on the following day. Seems like sign ups really go high on the day classes start. 
Takeaways: you can post many many times on a group page and continue getting clicks, we posted like 3 times on the same page in a single day and still seemed to get decent results. Just go crazy on posts, don't hold back. Although: did get captcha'd after one of the later posts, so probably don't go too hard. You can repost, but maybe not a huge amount in the same day even though it yields results. We just don't want to get blocked or our URL blacklisted on Facebook. 
Tried waiting like 2 days, then posting on a group we hadn't posted on recently (in months), and got no captcha. Could be that they'll only show up when posting on the same group multiple times? Or the cool down fixed it. Reposting on a group a bit later resulted in no captcha, indicating that it was probably a cool-down needed. Even reposting on somewhere we've posted 3 times within a 4 day period didn't result in captcha after cool down. 
Takeaways: Facebook seems to have a "realness" measure of you, so if you post a lot and don't do anything, your real level will go down. Act normally otherwise, like looking through photos, and newsfeed, etc. 
Takeaways: Even if someone has muted a group, they will get a notification if you like a comment they made. 
Takeaways: To distance earlier GroupMe spam messages from the current message, you can add a second account and have them leave and rejoin, OR it seems like you can turn off or on office mode (a lot faster). 

Just avoid all signs of spaminess. 

Paper leads: 
UNCW, UTK (writer stage), UIUC (writer stage)

Hey guys, if you need to get into a class a friend told me about this app Coursicle that will notify you when a seat opens up. Hope it helps!

Hey guys! If you need to get into a class, a friend showed me this app Coursicle that notifies you when a seat opens up. Hope it can help!


8/21: clemson reddit
8/21: Auburn facebooks
8/21: Auburn groupmes
8/21: App state paper
8/21: georgia tech reddit
8/21: truman student paper
8/21: louisianna reddit
8/21: clemson paper
8/21: georgia tech facebooks (8/23: no more reposts, too late in the game) (f,g) rpx1 (f,g) rpx1 - don't repost here (f, g) rpx1 (f, g) rpx1 (f,g) - don't repost here (f, g) rpx1
8/21: UA student paper
8/21: louisianna facebooks (f)  (f) 
8/21: Georgia Tech student paper
8/21: UTK student paper
8/21: UNCC student paper
8/21: UNCW facebooks (f, g) (f, g) (f, g)
8/21: UNCW groupmes
8/22: notre dame reddit
8/22: follow-up with UNCW paper lead
8/22: UNCC reddit
8/22: appstate reddit
8/22: post on new Auburn facebook and groupmes (f, g)
8/22: purdue facebook (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f , g)
8/22: VCU paper
8/22: SC paper
8/22: clemson facebooks (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (commenting) (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2
8/22: ECU facebooks (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g)
8/23: UTK reddit
8/23: notre dame Facebook (f, g) rpx1 (f, g) rpx1 (f, g) rpx1 (f, g) rpx1 (f, g) rpx1
8/23: (f, g)
8/23: UNCC Facebooks (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) rpx1
8/23: appstate facebooks (f, g) (f, g) (f, g)
8/23: respond to Facebook comment
8/24: VCU reddit
8/24: UTK facebooks (f, g)  (f, g) (f, g)
8/24: VCU facebooks (f, g) rspdx5 (f, g) rspdx5
8/24: UA facebooks (f, g) rpsdx2 (f, g) (not reposting) (f, g) (not reposting) (f, g) rpsdx3 (done)
8/24: SC facebooks (f, g) rpsdx4 (f, g) rpsdx4 (f, g) rpsdx4 (f, g) rpsdx4
8/28: Temple reddit
8/28: WFU facebooks (f, g) rspdx2 (f, g) rspdx2 (f, g) rspdx2 (do not post, Farrell) (f, g) rpsdx2
8/28: GMU facebooks (f, g) rpsdx3 (f, g) rpsdx3
8/28: post in Illinois facebooks (f, g) rspdx10 (f, g) rspdx10 (f, g) rpsdx10 (f, g) rpsdx10
8/28: Temple facebooks (f, g) (f, g) (f, g) (f, g)
8/28: temple groupmes
8/30: WM facebooks (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2 (f, g) rpx2
8/30: WM groupmes
9/6: NEU reddit
Could repost, who we could see more growth from today (8/28):
Illinois (done) x6
9/6: NEU Facebooks (f, g) rpsdx7 (f, g) rpsdx3 (no more) (f, g) rpsdx7 (f, g) rspdx4 (blocked)