A meeting we had with a group that was in education consulting and also invested in other edtech companies in our space.

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You reached out a couple months ago, never ended up setting anything up. 

Then more recently we've been having some acquisition interest, and Will at Strive was trying to connect us with someone we could talk to, said he was good friends with Paul. 

* Running only on revenue. Only raised $25,000 when first graduated.
* Orientation leaders tell freshmen. Once we get high adoption, students have to use Coursicle to get classes, so adoption stays steady. 
* So useful, users sometimes actively resist the spread of Coursicle. 
* Some schools have students buy/sell courses. Reached out to students (University of British Columbia). Ranged from $40 - $60 per course.
* Academic Advisors recommend us to students regularly. USC advisor, heard from training session. Seen professors/advisors use Coursicle and then email their students.
* Profs link to Coursicle, .edu backlinks. Some departments even imbed Coursicle into their sites. 

* Top schools: 
    * UT Austin, UNC, UVA, Notre Dame, Smith, Wellesley, Harvard, NYU, W&M, GWU, Georgia Tech, Emory, UVA, Temple
    * UA, SC, Clemson, UNC, UIUC, ASU, UCLA, VT