Some marketing stats we were asked to put together, and the success rate we had with marketing in untapped channels.

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Email marketing. Target freshman/sophomores. 15-25% CTR. 10% conversion. 
- 50% of schools have email directories public. 
- 6.6 million click throughs every year. 1.3 million signups every year. 
GroupMe posts. 54% CTR. 14% conversion. 
- 72% of schools have Facebook pages where we can create GroupMe
- Can reach (1200) of those who have Facebook pages, around 50% of the freshman undergrads.
- Of 2474 schools. We can achieve 1.34 million click through every year, from just GroupMe. And achieve 366,000 signups every year. 
- Helps get the early adopters of things on the site, especially the technical people. 
Facebook posts on group pages (not working). 
- Has become overrun with spam. 

Things to note: GroupMe isn’t even our main way of marketing. The reason these CTR’s are so high is because this is a completely untapped advertising channel. We are the first ones here. This is literally as close as you can get to your friend telling you to check something out. 

Students tell their friends. We grew at a rate of 100% every semester at a school, with no marketing, which meant every user on average told one other user. 

Things we did today: 
- Used data to estimate GroupMe CTRs (54%) and calculated scaled up reach/conversion numbers
- Calculated scaled up reach/conversion numbers for email marketing
- Setup a blog and made a post. 
- Populated our Instagram and manually followed/liked 70 people’s accounts to test return follow/conversion
- Setup a secondary viral marketing test. We had done split testing of Facebook message/Facebook share, but that didn’t work. Now doing a mailto so that they email.