A set of updates that we sent to some advisors to let them know how Coursicle was doing.

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Major Updates: 
* We're at $180,000/year in revenue.
* Have hired first full-time employee and an intern.
Additional Accomplishments:
* New revenue stream: selling access to our course data to other companies, this has been responsible for a lot of our revenue growth. 
* We now support 831 supported colleges (up from 720 in our last update).
* Nearly half a million people visit Coursicle each month.
Upcoming Goals:
* Explore creating a tool for high school students and their parents that allows them to compare colleges using our course data
* Add a referral system to the Coursicle app (get premium for free if you refer three friends)
* Add support for 50 key colleges, making it so we support all of the top 100 national universities and top 20 liberal arts colleges.


Joe and Tara