Exact sequence of events leading up to my Mac becoming completely unresponsive, almost as if the logic board had died.

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Last night I had the brightness all the way down. Was playing a movie from the computer using plex. Closed it to put it to sleep and put it in Incase sleeve overnight. 

Opened it up from sleep, and screen wasn’t displaying. TouchBar wasn’t either. But the keyboard was backlit I believe. Computer was on but wasn’t responding and had a black screen. The computer wasn’t warm or anything. 

Then I rebooted and that’s where I am now. 

7-10 business days

Completely unexpected. TouchBar isn’t turning on. The screen is blank. 

Would like to try an external keyboard or an external display to see if that could resolve things. 

I need my computer now.

What can we do to get this fixed. 

I don’t want to use up another CRU but I also can’t be without my laptop for 2 weeks. This is my primary computer. Last time I had an issue that required a repair, I opted to basically buy a new computer and they allowed me to return mine. Costed $1500. 

I’ve had this computer for 3 months, and this is already a major repair. 

Any idea why this could have happened? Not at all connected to display turned off. Overheating? 

To confirm: I’m going to buy a MacBook Air right now, transfer everything over to it, then use it for 2 weeks until the CTO has been received in North Carolina, then I’ll go into the store and return my MacBook Air and pick up my new MacBook Pro, no charge for the Pro and I’ll receive a full refund for the MacBook Air. 

31% battery. Clearly displayed.