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What are my priorities (in order): 

	•	An amazing TV setup
	•	An amazing audio setup
	•	Tara and Joe can both comfortably lie down.
	•	Ideal seating for Chiraayu, Alan, Li, and Joe (4 people). 
	•	Acceptable seating for movie night (7 people), including floor seating.
	•	Making the room look nice. 
	•	VR space.
	•	Getting a couch that will stay with me for many years. 

2 couch setup, top and left: 
	•	Pros: 
	⁃	Can fit 7 people very well. 
	⁃	Maximizes the ~7 inches of space between the radiators. 
	⁃	Allows purchase of two couches that I'd probably use indefinitely (two West Elm); but this is double edged sword because those would take forever to arrive. 
	•	Cons: 
	⁃	Severely limits wall space for entertainment center and TV centering. 
	⁃	People on the loveseat couch have a bad TV angle due to proximity to the TV.
	⁃	Blocks entrance so you have to walk on the tile to get to the living room; covers the wood walkway.
	⁃	Can only have this couch configuration; rearranging is not an option.
	•	Upshot: 
	⁃	Going to rule out this. Most of the hangout sessions are TV oriented. This just fucks up the TV viewing to gain more seating, but there's just no point, because they can't really see the TV. 

2 couch setup, right and top: 
	•	Pros: 
	⁃	Get to use the 7 inches between the radiators. 
	⁃	Great viewing angle for all people on the couch. 
	⁃	Allows purchase of two west elm couches, but the sizes would have to be smaller than ideal and wouldn't necessarily translate to a new apartment.
	•	Cons: 
	⁃	One couch essentially cuts off the entrance to another.
	⁃	Li and Tara said this is a really bad idea.
	⁃	Both the couches would have to be on the small-ish side width wise.  
	⁃	It creates many small walkway like areas between the couches that cut up the space. 
	⁃	Two people talking to each other on the couches would be talking over a barrier: the armrest on one couch. 
	•	Upshot: 
	⁃	Going to rule this out because it'll just not really fit the space well, most likely. Just going to trust on Tara and Li's advice, it would just look like a staging area for couches, not an actually laid out space. However, a variation of this is probably the way to go. 

1 L-shaped couch setup, right and top (two seat + corner to make three, plus 1 seat, plus 1 ottoman): 
	•	Pros: 
	⁃	Can sit 6 people comfortably, maybe even 7 people! 
	⁃	The ottoman provides flexibility: can move so more people have footrests, or to increase side walking space during VR, etc. 
	⁃	Unlike the two couches idea, or a typical L shaped couch, the arm of one couch isn't blocking the view of the TV. 
	⁃	Looks like it'll fit on either wall, which is good to have that flexibility. 
	⁃	May want to look at this more heavily, actually.
	⁃	Being IKEA, I can stain the sheets and just buy new ones.
	⁃	I can expand this setup if I move into a bigger apartment, or sell it and just get nicer furniture (cost was only $1,300).
	⁃	Have the actual space to fit a full audio setup in front. 
	•	Cons: 
	⁃	It sticks out a bit farther than I would like (an adjustable con because the ottoman can be moved); there's also no getting around this for the most part; if I want a lot of seating, I just have too small of a space. It's going to stick out pretty far.  
	⁃	When the ottoman is removed from that area, it exposes the fabric of the side of the couch, which is pretty ratchet.