A list of all of the things wrong with our apartment so that we could get them on record with the landlord in case they tried to claim we made the damage.

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- [ ] Stove top. Bottom left doesn't work. (knows about)
- [ ] Lock on door doesn't work. (knows about)
- [ ] Three kitchen cabinets have issues. One kitchen drawer has an issue. 
- [ ] Crack in granite next to sink (could be intentional) 
- [ ] Main window. Near center, at top there is a section missing of the jutting out part. 
- [ ] The sliding mirror closet, the area near the right screw is bent and scratched up. 
- [ ] Nail near the heater is raised. Not a huge deal 
- [ ] Left closet door when you walk in doesn't close fully (unless a lot of pressure on bottom). 
- [ ] Bathroom door doesn't lock. 
- [ ] Two nails sticking out near the bathroom entrance, one on the wood separating the tile and the wood. 
- [ ] One slightly broken tile near entrance of bathroom. 
- [ ] Some cracks in the tile of the shower, near the friction fit rod. Also a long one across a couple tiles just below eye level centered on long wall.