This is the list of accelerators we were looking at/applied to with Coursicle.

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—— Options ——

Jake - he may have people we could talk to about funding. Same with Taylor or Tobi.

Y Combinator - They invest $120,000 for 7%. Application open in March.

500 Startups - Mountain View applications are Open. They invest $125,000 for 5%. (They funded OneSchool). Rolling applications. Four times: spring, fall, winter, summer.

Thiel Fellowship - $100,000 grant, no equity. Have to be under 23. Rolling application.

Launchpad - $25K to $100K, for around 6%. Unknown. Currently not accepting (as of October 2015).

Brandery - $50K for 6%. Application deadline 1 is March 1st.

Triangle Startup Factory - $50,000 for 7.5%, with more at the end ($20K-$150K). Tobi/Taylor could probably get us a good intro.

CapitalFactor - Probably $50K-$100K, rolling basis,

eraNYC - $40K in funding, probably summer program.

—— Lesser Options — —

Launch 4pt0 - New Orleans. Gives $10,000 of capital. May - July 2016.

TechStars - Lots of locations, seems like deadlines year-round. Gives $20,000 to cover living and $100,000 funding.

AngelPad - Twice a year. No money. Get you exposure to investors.

Dreamit - Between $25K and $100K for 5-8%. Application due December 6th (focus on Education). Hear back by early January.

Grand Central Tech - Just free space

Separate list

Boomtown [messaged, email]

Blue startups [messaged, email]

Desai [messaged, email]

Techstars [messaged, contact form] [messaged, email]

AlphaLab [messaged, email]

Startfast [messaged, email]

Michaelson [messaged, email]

StartStudio [messaged, form]

Brandery [messaged, form]

ERAnyc [messaged, email]