A message I sent my favorite teacher growing up, Peter Piche from Montessori.

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Also, I've been telling this story for quite some time and someone recently suggested I ask you if you remember it. When I was in elementary school, perhaps 3rd grade, you used to read to us every lunch. One day, when you were reading the book "Life of Pi", you came to a part of the book that was particularly abhorrent to me as a young, avid turtle lover (I believe the main character began catching and consuming sea turtles). In an attempt to curb my torture, the following morning I hid the book behind the bookshelf. I suppose I thought you might choose a different book. When lunchtime came, you asked the class if anyone had seen the book, because you couldn't find it. After sweating over it for what was probably all of 30 seconds, I walked up to the stage, pulled the book out behind the bookshelf and announced "here it is". You asked me how I knew it was there, as I recall, very skeptically. I shrugged it off, "I saw it there".