A list of life hacks that I don't feel remarkably confident in the repeatibility of.

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The scanners at stores demagnetize those little strips. Take one off a device and put it on someone/somoen's cart.

Putting dice in the oven with the roll you want face up will hack them so you always get that roll

CHange traffic lights: 3 short clicks, 2 long clicks, 1 short click, 2 long clicks, 3 short clicks. probe doesn't work.

There are wires under the road near stoplights that sense metal above them (induction)

Open a 9 volt battery to reveal four AAA's.

get a 12 volt battery instead of the little ones, then pry it open save big MONEY

Adding acetone to gas increases fuel efficiency?

Hold your keys to your chin (you act as an entenna) when you do the car beep unlock