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The index.php file in www is what essentially tells the app to start up. The brains and everything else is in app. 

Inside app:

	The views folder contains the HTML/PHP files that are displayed when a user visits a URL. Each of these files are called a “view”. Depending on the data passed to them, they could display things differently. For instance, in “index.blade.php” there’s an “if" statement on line 39 that will conditionally display certain HTML. 

	The models folder contains essentially wireframes for database objects. So you’ll have class definitions in there for each object, and those objects could have functions defined for them as well as properties. These models can be used elsewhere in the app. 

	The commands folder contains functions that you could call externally (like from the command line). For instance, we have a cron execute our “check:combos” command every hour. 

	The routes.php file contains the logic for which view to load when a user goes to a URL, and handles the data sent to those views (such as POST data). As an example, you can see that when a user is at the root (“/“), we load the view “index”.