UNC made us install some bullshit software, called NAC (Network Access Control) in order to access the network. I don't remember the specifics of how I found a way around it, I think if you connected to UNC-PSK maybe you didn't need NAC, or you just needed it when you initialize a session. Anyway, for some reason I ran this script in my crontab every minute and it allowed me to keep whatever software I wanted on my computer but still access the network.

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myIP=`/usr/sbin/ipconfig getifaddr en0` #get my assigned IP address
firstOctet=`echo "$myIP" | cut -d '.' -f1` #parse for the first octet
if [ $firstOctet != "152" ] || [ -z $myIP ]; then #check if we're offline (no IP) or if we're on the UNC network: https://help.unc.edu/help/what-subnets-are-used-on-campus/
	killall NacAgent
	isNacAlreadyRunning=`pgrep "NacAgent"` #returns process ID, or empty string if not running
	if [ -z $isNacAlreadyRunning ]; then #-z tests if the string is empty
		/Applications/Utilities/NacAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/NacAgent #start up NacAgent
#my IP in Philosophy: my IP in Old West: https://help.unc.edu/help/what-are-the-wireless-ip-subnet-ranges-used-on-campus/