A list of all the Italian places in SF that I wanted to go to and the ones I had gone to (and my thoughts on each).

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Italian SF


* Cotogna
    * Financial District. 
* Sociale
    * Presidio Heights. 
* Fiorella
    * Richmond.
* Locanda
    * Mission.
* Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. 
    * Bernal Heights.
* Piccino
    * Dogpatch. 
    * Lower Pac Heights.
* UVA Enoteca
    * Lower haight. 
* Liguria Bakery. 
    * North Beach. 
* A Mano.
    * Hayse Valley. 
* Victoria Pastry Co. 
    * North Beach. 

Very Expensive:
* Quince (it's actually Californian though)
    * Financial District. ($200/person), 3 Michelin stars.

List: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/san-francisco/best-italian-restaurants-san-francisco-california

* Delfina
    * Mission.

* Barzotto
    * Mission. Really amazing. One of the best places, plus no wait and no reservation. Just walk in and order, but much higher quality than Italian homemade. Chewy pasta. Both of the red sauce based dishes were great. Not even that expensive. Salad was also very good. This should be a regular place.
    * The spaghetti is probably better than the Lumache (which has too much ricotta on top). 
* A16
    * Marina. Really wasn't that good. Pizza was pretty good, but the rest wasn't anything special. Pretty expensive for what it is.
* Flour + Water.
    * Mission. Very good. Very good pizzas and really great pasta. Chewy pasta. Also not terribly expensive.
* La Ciccia
    * Noe Valley. Was pretty good, the pastas were good, but it was very seafood oriented. Chewy pasta.
* Barbacco.
    * Financial District. Was pretty good. I think one of the pastas was chewy. One of the desserts was bad, but the salad was good and the pastas were good, although it wasn't an amazing place. 
* Trattoria Contadina
    * Really was a let down. The pasta wasn't anything great, maybe even a bit overcooked. And the bruschetta was terrible. Not integrated, very hard bread, just wasn't a good dish. 
* Acquerello
    * Russian Hill. ($105/person). 2 Michelin stars. 
* Perbacco
    - [ ] Financial District.  Not nearly as good as Barbacco. 
- [ ] Seven Hills. Salad was quite good, honestly. Got prosciutto di Parma. One of the better salads and price is not exorbitant. First come first serve for the bar. The tagliatelle. One of the desserts was absolutely divine though.