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I had to put something down on my desk and there wasn't enough room for it so I took all the stuff that was his that was on my desk and put them on his and I said "Can you please keep this stuff on your desk?" and he said "There's not a lot of room for it" and I said "I'm sorry but that's not really my fault" and he said "that doesn't mean you have to put it on my desk while I'm working" and I didn't say anything and then he muttered under his breath "dick" and said "Can't you just put it on the couch?" and I didn't say anything. 
And then he moved it onto the couch.

Similar to that since around October of last year. He's always putting his shit on my side of the room. I've had to move his jacket off of my bed so many times. And what's fucked up is that he takes over the couch, table, and his desk and any space on the fridge and yet still has to take over my bed and deskā€¦(the only areas of the room that I claim). 

Yeah, I've asked him not to put stuff on my desk. I asked him to stop around 2 months ago and every time I move it off I tell him to please not put stuff on my desk (must have been around 5 times that I've done that) and another 5 when I just moved it off of my desk and put it on his.