The realization that primes are worth exploring further.

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It’s becoming more evident that prime numbers are an area of interest (at least to Mathematicians) in mathematics. Although, one could likely find anything in Mathematics interesting if they look at it the right way. I’d like to go into observing prime numbers on my own as I have not done so before.

Prime numbers can not be divided evenly (what does that really mean?) by numbers other than 1 and itself.

What’s interesting is that if you could change the scale of what ever you’re measuring, wouldn’t these numbers no longer be prime?

What are the squares of primes like? How do primes look geometrically?

Every number has an even number of factors with the exception of squares.

Every prime number is odd. Therefore, every prime times 2 is non-prime.

Are there any numbers that have an odd number of factors? Polynomials? Complex?

What’s the average number of factors of the numbers 1-100. Done. Up to 1 million, it’s 13.969921. Doesn’t seem to be anything special.