An interesting method I found of getting your website more trusted backlinks to help with SEO.

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Cite your website on Wikipedia.  That’s right, I spam on Wikipedia.  You can send your hate-mail to  Your goal here is to cite a source on your website (a blog article or some other informational page) in a relevant article on Wikipedia.  There’s an art to this.  Here is the goal: to have your citation survive at least 72 hours before someone deletes it on Wikipedia.  To accomplish this, look for a not-so-popular article.  If the article receives multiple edits per day, it’s likely that your addition will be quickly deleted before Google’s bots have the chance to find it.  But, if you find an article that receives edits about once monthly, that’s your golden ticket.  Add an intelligent and relevant (yes, even academic and factual) new sentence and append a CITE_WEB reference at the end.  Don’t be too bold by adding an entirely new section or paragraph.  Your goal is to be seen by bots, but NOT get noticed by humans.

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