One of the more frustrating interactions I had with the computer science professors at UNC (in general they were pretty great, much better than the math professors, but this guy sucked).

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I came to his office. Explained that I couldn't find Jeffay or Patel but I knew him because he subbed for 401. I started explaining that I was having a problem with the program I wrote and he cut me off and said he didn't have time and he had to catch a meeting and that I would just have to wait for the other guys.

He walked away abruptly and I just stood there for a little bit and then I started to leave the building and he went walking back to his office and I asked him "Could I talk to you while you walked or something?" and he said "No, sorry, I'm very busy" and then I stopped and he kept walking and I said "I'm running a programming that 2000 UNC students are using and it's crashing and I need help" as he walked away and he said "Sorrrreeee" in a rude manner and so I walked away.