One of the friends in Tara's circle at Harvard was Max Kennedy Jr. He was quite nice to me, so I was excited when I saw that he was featured in a documentary about the government's response to COVID, called Totally Under Control. But when I watched the documentary, I became pretty confused. Here are my notes.

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Max said he didn't buy a single max.

Then later they say he got millions of masks.

He said he was running around the building asking FEMA employees who they could get the money from.

Then he said that he could count the number of FEMA employees on one hand.

He very much seemed to just be trying to portray the administration as poorly as possible, and the documenters were playing into it, probably because he was classified as a "whistleblower", because he was breaking an NDA by talking to them, and it seems like he was the only person in the current administration that they talked to about the entire thing, everyone else was former employees.