Someone at the Incase HQ tested a 15" Macbook Pro with a classic sleeve in a variety of their backbacks and let me know which ones fit at all, were tight, etc. Then I bought the three most promising ones to try out for myself. Really loved their customer support, Incase is a company I'm proud to buy from.

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ICON Backpack. It just doesn't fit at all. 

ICON Slim Backpack. Could not fit at all. Just no way.

City Commuter. Tight fit but can do 15" with classic sleeve. 

City Commuter with diamond ripstop. Works with a little extra space, so less of a tight fit than the City Commuter.

City Backpack (non-commuter), meant for 17". Tight fit. 

City Backpack (non-commuter), meant for 17", with diamond Ripstop. Not going to fit. 

What about the City Compact Backpack? Not sure. Could work, maybe not. Second guy thinks it would work.

What are the advantages of the Ripstop? Basically just a different material. 


What about the path backpack? Designed for newer. Probably wouldn't fit.

Ones for the older version of Macbook Pro: 
All Routes
EO Travel Backpack
City Compact Backpack

Could try Nordstrom. Looks like they have absolutely nothing. 

Okay, so here's the plan: 
	•	City Commuter with diamond ripstop
	⁃	Black.
	•	City Backpack
	⁃	Heather Black Gunmetal Grey
	•	City Compact Backpack
	⁃	Black

After trying them in person, basically everyone was right. The City Compact was a _very_ very tight fit, almost so that it shouldn't be done. The City backpack was an acceptable fit, a bit tight but probably will loosen, and indeed the City Commuter was a great fit, totally would have worked but that backpack was huge. The only thing is maybe could get the City Backpack in another color, like straight black, but Tara wanted me to try another color because I always get black. I think the black actually is straight black, it's just that their website is making it seem brighter than it is. I do like the feel of the black commuter backpack more than the gunmetal gray that I got the City backpack in, it feels a bit softer, so potentially could swap if that becomes an issue, but I think it'll get softer over time with friction. I ultimately think the thing I would like the most is the City Backpack in some color, probably black or gunmetal grey. So we completed our objective. The black also has that kind of rubbery material that was on the Apple backpack that started peeling and looking very gross and hurting my arms, although it does look tougher now so that might not happen, but it would be a bit bigger of a risk. Regarding the Diamond Ripstop, I don't really like it. I mean it's fine, but I'd probably prefer to not have it if I had the choice. It just doesn't look as good as the cloth ones, like the Gunmetal grey and the straight black colors. So yeah, got to try out everything with this order. So yeah, the biggest thing about this bag is the feel (touching the outside, and sometimes touching part of the inside) but I think the sharp fabric will dull over time.