All things TODO before my new MacBook Pro Retina arrives.

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For buying the Pro: 

25% only : $1926
25%, Tax free weekend: $1800
15% only: $2182
15% Tax free weekend: $2040
Just 10% education: $2,324
10%, Tax free weekend: $2279
Nothing with tax: $2566
Nothing without tax: $2,400

Tara's computer: Nothing with tax: $3,208
Tara's computer: 25% tax free: $2250

In preparation for Macbook Pro:

Things I want ported for sure: 

Google Chrome: 
	Adblock (in the chrome store) 

	Make everything awesome (do today). 
	Three finger lookup (figure that out)
	Make command-tab switching a multitouch gesture

Things I need to remember to use: 
	Tip tap to application switcher
	Rotate right to redo
	rotate left to undo
	Five fingers down to hide all 
	Volume controls 
	Command click is three finger tap (open in new tab)
	Rotate right and left in Chrome to go back and forward
	Three finger double tap to open previously closed tab

Things I've learned: 
	terminal command "purge" clears out inactive memory and puts it into free. 
	Page outs mean how much we've copied to the hard disk for temporary storage because RAM
	wasn't available.