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Paper for SLS. 
Math pest on wednesday 

SLS Final is next saturday

Physics Final is two weeks from monday

Math is two weeks from this Wednesday 

Two papers due next wednesday. One is finalizing Expos. the other is the SLS. 

Lightly study for your tests during downtime. 

Watch those math lectures. Then you're going to get started on the math pest. 

Go between math pest and SLS paper on monday after 5. Try to finish Math pest at office hours. If you can't that's okay. If you get tired, work on SLS. If you can't do SLS and the physics pest is posted, then work on the physics pest. Do one of these things. 

Classes from 10 to 1 on Tuseday. If you finished the Math pest by now, then great. If you didn't, then finish it at office hours and don't worry about the correctness because you're just doing it until you understand it. 

Wednesday: You're going to finish the math pest by wednesday morning which gives you today to work on SLS and physics. Go to physics office hours, Tara. Once you do enough work on the pest, then get even more work done on SLS. If you finish all of this stuff, study for your tests.