A short note I wrote to my friend trying to help her navigate UNC housing.

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Hey Nisha! Sorry for the non-immediate response; I was asking around and checking my notes about it from last year to make sure I had it correctly (we ended up with a super suite so we didn’t have to go through the entire process). So everyone first gets the chance to reserve their old room, then a few days later everyone on campus has a chance to move to another room within their building (and maybe also to another room within your community, this wasn’t exactly clear to me but I’m pretty sure that it’s true). After that point, a lot of stuff is locked down and housing proceeds similar to how picking classes does: seniors (if they’re still here) and juniors who have not already housed themselves get to pick their housing in ANY dorm on campus based on what’s not already taken. I believe that their housing appointment is dependent on how many credit hours they have (so someone who has 80 credit hours might get an 8AM housing appointment time and therefore pick before someone with 70 hours who could get a 2PM housing time on that same day). Then, on a later day, the same happens for sophomores. Finally, current first-years (you guys), pick your housing from what’s left behind (once again, with an enrollment appointment based on credit hours, I believe). A bit later (a few weeks), there’s a “fine tune period” where everyone can “drop/add” to different rooms between any two rooms/suites on campus.

Things could have changed since last year/I could have some of this stuff wrong, just so you know! But I did a pretty thorough investigation last year because I was really stressed out about it. Let me know if you have any more questions at all!