I was showing my friend Matt around the city when we walked by a woman sitting on the ground with blood on her head.

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She was kind of awkwardly sitting down in the center of the sidewalk, rather than near the edge or something. Important to note, she was at the curb, not in the street, when we approached. I think she was lying with her legs extended, and leaning back on her elbows. After a minute or two I had her scoot back so she could lean against the traffic pole.

Matt: When we arrived she was sprawled face-down and the two girls were kind of looking at her and trying to talk to her, but I don't think anyone saw anything. Given the way she was facing, she may have fallen down just after finishing crossing the street.

I was checking for things I knew to be symptoms of serious concussions. I asked about nausea, made sure she hadn't vomited, asked about dizziness. She said she was a bit dizzy when I first asked, but 5 minutes later I asked again and she said no to everything she just felt a little "out of it".

The first thing I remember saying is "are you all right?", and she was just not really speaking at that point. I think then I asked the other women and they said she fell. There was a cut visible on her head. I think I bent down at that point and asked if there was someone we could call. She said her lip hurt, and so I asked if she could pull down her mask so we could see her lip (there wasn't much damage there, mostly her eye and her head). Can't remember her response, she may not have said anything, then I asked if she had family in the city, and she said her daughter lives nearby. I asked what address, and she couldn't remember, just seemed like it was on the tip of her tongue. At that point I think I asked for her daughter's name, and she told me Gould, and then I asked if she had a phone with her. I took the phone and called her daughter first I believe (I was just scrolling through her recent calls), no answer. Then I called the next Gould name that I saw, which was Charlie. The other two women left shortly after, one after another (they didn't appear to know each other). The student thanked me for taking over, and said she had to go to class. I believe when I first got there I asked if they saw her fall and I can't remember their answer. Charlie said he would come but he's at Rockefeller center, figured she was walking toward his apartment just a block away. The daughter was nearby, somewhere like 24th and 4th or something. We were at 10th and 5th ave. She didn't look very concerned. The only symptom she mentioned was that her heart was going fast, but she generally seemed ok, just confused and continued asking "Did I fall? But I didn't hit my head, right?". We asked how old she was, and she couldn't remember, but she immediately knew what year she was born. Matt said that she could easily tell him anything about the past, like when she was an editor at the Time, Inc. magazine. I asked Charlie if she had any history of dementia or alzeihmers, he said no. Also asked about the heart rate, he said no.

My guess is she was walking a bit in the street or something because of the construction or something and didn't anticipate the lip in the road and tripped and fell right on the corner, but that's just pure conjecture.

I found the woman construction worker. She said she didn’t see her fall. Checked to see if they had footage.