An HTML guide I made my sister to help teach her how to create her own website.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Lil' Pooch</title>

	<p> You made it! </p>
        <p> This is going to be where your first website will reside!</p>
        <p> To get started on setting it up, you need to download <a target="blank" href=> Cyberduck </a> </p>
        <p> Once you do that, you'll need to right click on this link and press "save link as" <a href=""> right click me </a>. This file allows Cyberduck to connect to the server so that you can edit all of the files/pictures etc. that it has on it </p>

        <p> Once you download that file, you'll click on it to open it in Cyberduck. </p> 

        <p> Once Cyberduck finishes connecting to the server, you should see a folder in Cyberduck called "". Double click on it to see what's inside just as you would do on your computer. </p> 

        <p> Inside you'll find "instructions.html", which is the HTML for this file that you're viewing, and you'll find "index.html", which is the file that was loaded when you first went to the website. Every time you go to your or any other website, it'll find the