My notes while trying to find the best dried pasta you can buy (spoiler alert: it's Afeltra).

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Mom got some amazing pastas from "La Molisana", which is an Italian manufacturer. 

She says she bought them for $2 / pound. 

The types are: 

	Fusilli-like spirals: Fusilli Corti Bucati 108
	Round spaghetti-Os: Anelli Siciliani 60A

	Flat ones: Pantacce Toscane 106

Pasta brands:

	•	Spaghetti alla Chitarra. Nothing special, probably about the same or not as good as Afeltra. 

La Molisana: 
	•	Alla Chitarra 15B (thick spaghetti) 
	•	De Cecco Racchette, No. 90 (rackets, really great)
	•	Rigatoni (tastes great)
	•	Penne Ziti Rigate 20B (really great with soupy sauce and very undercooked, could get a lot) 
	•	Anelli Siciliana 60 A (tastes great)
	•	Spaghettini 16B (tastes great, even though it's long pasta) 
	•	Linguini (also great, not as good as the spaghettini 16B though)
	•	Should try the other sizes of spaghetti, but not in large quantity to start out. Would probably want to try the Spaghetti (15) 

Will want to try: 
	•	Anything made by Rigorosa

	•	Should read and research about pasta types, like what's involved in the drying, the ingredients, etc.

	•	Rigatoni
	⁃	Eh, maybe slightly better than the Molisana, but probably about the same. Not particularly chewy or anything, probably wouldn't pass a blind test. 
	•	Penne
	⁃	Pretty good, nothing especially amazing. Pretty big, not anything especially chewy, but tasted nice.
	•	Orrechiette
	⁃	Not that good, tasted kind of cheap, and was very chewy but not in a very good way.

	•	Pretty much any type from them is good. This should be purchased over Barilla any day. 

	•	Calamari 17.6 oz
	⁃	This was really good. This pasta is very chewy. Closest so far to what you get at a high end place. 
	⁃	Takes a very long time to cook, which is great. Basically impossible to overcook, could take it out at al dente or later, and still very chewy and firm. 
	•	Spaghetti 17.6 oz
	⁃	This was also really good, pasta wasn't particularly chewy, but it was very high quality and rather thick. Very rough, sauce stuck well, stayed pretty firm.
	⁃	Takes a very long time to cook, also very hard to overcook. Very firm, great stuff.
	•	Eliche Giganti
	⁃	This was insanely fucking good. Probably the best one of them all. 

Il Pastaio Di Gragnano:
	•	Calamari Pasta 17.6 oz
	⁃	Was definitely chewy and good, but didn't stand out as especially good. Not as good as Afeltra. 
	•	Vesuvio
	⁃	Not a very tasty shape, don't love it. Decently chewy but cooks a bit too quickly maybe?

	•	Linguine
	⁃	Not especially good at all, not really that chewy. Tasted no better than La Molisana I'd say. 
	•	Penne
	⁃	A bit chewy, pretty great penne overall. Not a standout winner or anything though. 

	•	Capellini
	⁃	No. Terrible. Never again. It was way too thin, probably just hated the pasta type, but it was bad. 
	•	Penne
	⁃	Wow, really quite good. At least as good as La Molisana, but different enough to be worth while. Should get to mix things up.

	•	Penne Lisce
	⁃	No, not at all. Just tasted like regular barilla. Nothing special. Very smooth, boring, way overpriced. Never get again.

Benedetto Cavalieri 
	•	Ruote Pazze (roselle that's extra deep basically). Really really good. One of the best ones. 

Note: the long pastas go incredibly well with the home-made sauce. 

	•	De Cecco (deh-checko)
	•	Molto al dente (undercooked, this means literally very al dente, so very "to the tooth"). Poco is the opposite (not much/very little). 

	•	Would love to find the dry pastas that taste chewy, like at Eataly and other very nice restaurants. 
	⁃ (reviewed by someone, said it took very long to cook and was chewy) 
	⁃	Should research more pastas to find ones that might be chewy 

Where to buy: 

Since Walmart is very often out of stock, Vitacost is a great place to buy. Shipping is free over $50, but it's hard to get an order that big. You are limited to a certain number of bags of certain ones, like Anelli (4). 

Vitacost. Coupon for $5 off order of $30 or more: GROUPON5. This brings effective price down to $1.70 without shipping. 

Amazon does sometimes work well, at only $2.20 / pound with free shipping:

($2.69 per pound) offers packs of 12 for $32.00, with free shipping. Has the Corti Bucati and others. 
Using code: SG2015 got 10% discount (might only be first order), which came to $2.41. Good thing is they seem to always be in stock possibly. Shipping is also always free. This might work every time: RMN5OFF (5% off).

($2.28 per pound) as individual packs, free 2-day shipping on orders over $35. Has Bucati and others. 

($2.44 per pound effective, $1.61 actual) Mom found. Actually has the Anelli! Shipping is $5, which is what brings up the effective price. They have some other types as well. 

Plan: try the other pasta we haven't tried. If it's also really good, then go to the Walmart page and buy a bunch of each and some of the others ones to try in an order that's over $35 so the shipping is free. 

Round #1: 

Got an assorted shipment from mom. 

Got Anelli, spirals (not good), and a linguine. 

Round #2:

Purchased Rigatoni, Anelli (o rings), and Alla Chitarra (thick spaghetti). 

Bought 18 pack of Spaghettini (16B). Should try the other spaghetti sizes next time, but don't get a huge batch. 

Round #3: 

Just bought 12 pounds of Rigatoni, because it's like the best. 

Round #4: 

A whole bunch of stuff from Eataly. Like 5 different brands, 12 different pastas. 
Should order as much Rigorosa as possible next time, once Eataly has it in stock.