Marinara recipe from my grandma, and my mom's lack of endorsement.

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Granny sauce. 

Cover the bottom of the pot in olive oil. 
Turn on the stove. Don't want it to burn. Put it low. 
Cut a few slices of onion, large slices, into the bottom of the pot. 
A single Pomi (strained tomatoe) and a single Pomi (finely chopped tomato) 
Cut the Pomi along the side, to make a spout. 
When the onions get a little translucent, then they're ready. 1/3rd of an onion. 
Bang the garlic to open it. Peel it. 4-5 cloves. 
Cut the cloves when you put them in, otherwise the taste doesn't come out. Cut in thirds. They will burn quickly so don't wait too long to put the Pomi in. 
Cook for a while. Low heat. 20 minutes. 
Put the Pomi in gradually while stirring. Put the chopped first. Low heat. Can't burn. 
Put in a little basil in. Wash the basil. Pull out the stems (they're bitter, use only the leaves). 
Stir it a lot so that the oil and tomato mix. 
Cut up a tomato. Take out the core (white part). Can put in big chunks. 6ths or 8ths. 
Then put more basil in right before serving it. 


This is all over the place. Do this: 
Crush garlic, remove outer skin and hard end. Chop fine or slice thinly. Cut onion to desired size, small dice is best. Sauté onion in oil (approx 1/4 cup) and add garlic when translucent. Add salt and pepper to onion and garlic.  Pure in tomatoes (canned and Pomi) and stir to combine.  Sauté in low, stirring frequently. Add freeze dried basil and stir. Cook about 25 minutes, stirring frequently (make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom because it'll burn). Add more salt and pepper and then fresh basil. Cook another 5-10 minutes and enjoy.