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Hey Tara,
I just wanted to say I’m sorry, again, about what happened. I feel disappointed in myself for participating, and for damaging the trust that exists between us. I feel disappointed in myself because I have come a long way since you first voiced your concerns about what I was looking at, and now this is a setback. But I assure you that it is only that, a setback, because I’m still moving forward, trying to be a better person for you overall, and a healthier person too. I’m going to be more careful, respectful, and open with you so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. Because you’re my girl, and I care about you, and about your health, more than anything. More than my freedom. You deserve the best because that’s what you’ve given me. Even earlier today, I was thinking about how, through everything, there has rarely been a moment in these past three years where I haven’t felt loved by you, cared for by you. That’s something worth protecting, fighting, and sacrificing for.
I really enjoyed talking to you last night, because I miss you a lot, and because you’re probably the only person with whom I can be completely honest with. I really hope that you have a good day, and that you find everything manageable. We’re going back to what is, unfortunately, our lives for 4 years. But it’ll be over in just half that, and we’ll be able to live how we want: together.
Love, always.