Tara was very insistent that I go back to SF because I had been gone for a couple months and she didn't want to be alone. As with most decisions I made at the time, I'd vascillate between all the options almost as soon as I thought I had made a firm decision.

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- [ ] Focus on Tara, staying with her. 

- [ ] Focus on being a good manager for Kiran

- [ ] You will be able to hold things together when you’re seeing Tara. You always felt better after talking to her, even when you fought. 

- [ ] No more wavering. You are going. It’s decided between Tara and me. You felt better after deciding this. Like Tara said, you’ve tried getting better in NC, it’s time to try SF. 

- [ ] Dude, you were like really not in it, feeling bad, couldn’t focus on reading, then you went on a run and really pushed yourself and feel great afterward. FORCE YOURSELF TO RUN. It shows that you have willpower. 

You know why you’re anxious? Tara. That’s what’s changed, it’s that you’re afraid of losing her.