Ideas that leverage geofencing, which was emerging at the time.

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For the store you walk into, list the most popular products at that store. New products in various categories.

If you're near a bus or bus stop, provide bus routes. (something we wouldn't really be interested in doing)

If you are about to walk by a high rated restaurant, send them info reviews price stuff.

Drive by a gas station that's the cheapest in an area.

Idea that we couldn't do: based on emails, figure out what the person is looking to buy and then when they drive by a place that offers it for a really low price, you send them a push.

Most mentioned food at a restaurant (hard) when you first walk in there. (run various other algorithms on reviews to gather info)

Allow user to fill out a profile to allow for better delivered information. Which food they like most. What category products they buy.

Let's you know if you drive by a parking garage

Unrelated: because phones know if driving, app that disables texting while driving.