It appeared as though one of our employees wasn't doing too well mentally at work, so we decided to have a discussion with her to figurue out why and how we could help.

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* For the past couple of weeks, you seem to be pretty somber at work. 
    * You seem pretty happy outside of work, though. 
* You haven't been engaged in the discussions or teaching moments that I have with Jiyu/Alice.
    * When they first started, you seemed very interested and engaged with them. 
    * Generally it’s seemed like Alice, Jiyu, and I are at one excitement level, and you’re at another. 

So, what's going on? 
* Are you not happy at Coursicle? 
* Are there changes we can make that would make you happy?
* Is there an issue outside of work that's affecting your morale? 

She’s also been exhausted with moving and all that as well, she said. 

She felt like once the interns got settled, they didn’t need her anymore really which is why she checks out. 

Gave feedback about her being more inquisitive and trying to soak up information about coursicle and especially tech stuff, rather than just taking the minimum information required to get things done so she can do it quickly. 

She felt like she was trying to take up as little of my time because she knows that they take up a lot of it. 

Not necessarily tied to college comparison thing. Really just wants a project that makes her feel more essential to Coursicle. 

Summary isn’t as good. After business meetings. Could talk to her beforehand. 

She agreed she hasn’t really been taking the initiative. 

Not super challenging with the current things other than the actual development. She should have more real web development.  

Technical secretary is how she’s been feeling. 

Things she’s been doing could be done by other people, like a college freshman.