Final steps before orientation when planning my UNC freshman class schedule.

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Preferred cores: Math + comp sci, Math + physics, comp sci +physics, Math + math. 

Computer Science:
Comp 116 (morning is open, afternoon is wait list)
Comp 110 (MWF open, tu-th waitlist)

Math 383 (differential equations) (4 TT, 1 MWF, all waitlist)
Math 521 (Advanced calculus I) (TT and MWF, both waitlist)
Math 533 (elementary theory of numbers) (TT waitlist)
Math 548 (Combinatorial mathematics) (TT open) 
Math 551 (Euclidean And Non-Euclidean Geometries) (MWF open, another section as well, meeting dates TBA) 
Math 515 (history of mathematics) (possibly not offered)

Phys 116 (both wait list)
Phys 104 (tu th waitlist, mwf open)
Phys 117 (mwf open, wed wait list)

Engl 105i (018,020,001,004) 
Engl 105

Lfit 130 (both waitlist)
Lfit 108 (allwaitlist)
Lfit 190 (all open except mw 10am,mw 3pm)

Span 203 (many open, many options)

Gen Ed Courses
I'd want to take these pairs together:
I really like: HIST 158 + HIST 140
Best Caliber: ((((HIST 140 + CLAS 121) or MUSC 145) or MUSC 143) CLAR 247)

HIST 140 (MW lect open, F recitation open) 
HIST 158 (TR lect open, R and F recitation open)
CLAS 121 (TR lecture open, F rec open)
MUSC 145 (TR lect open) 
MUSC 143 (TR open) 
CLAR 247 (TR lect open) 

Hist 142 and Comp 116 are incompatible