I wanted some closure from Tara after we had broken up, so she agreed to meet me and discuss. I limited the conversation to an hour.

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* What kind of relationship do you want? Someone who will follow you, or is ok with not following you? 
* I just really feel like you're not being fully honest with yourself and with me
    * You even said it yourself. You were seeing Kiran go on the apps, you would get hit on at the club and wanted to see where that interaction would go rather than having to shut it down immediately. 
    * You said I should be way way more concerned about the relationship ending due to my anxiety than because of Dan. 
    * I feel like what's really happening is that we are going through a very tough part of our relationship because of my anxiety, and at the same time you're going to clubs and dancing and seeing other people date, and you feel like you want to experience that, something that didn't happen in SF, especially during my first anxiety phase (when you were studying for the LSAT). This makes sense because of the progression, because you first said you wanted to kiss/dance with other people to help you get through this, then open relationship, then break. It really feels like you were just realizing that you wanted to explore this thing more than you wanted to stay with me, and so then you tried to look inside yourself for why you were unhappy. It's fine if that's the truth, but I just want us to acknowledge it. 
* Why does me not being a "fully functioning" adult bother you so much all of a sudden that we simply can't continue the relationship for even one more day? 
    * I understand more us taking a break during my anxiety, because I can't be a partner to you in the meantime and we don't know how long it'll last. 
* Do you still feel like you would prefer this to be a break or a full-break up, for yourself? It seems to me like you think it's best for both of us to take a break, for me to heal and you to have freedom, and then revisit things. Is that accurate? 
* (optional) Where were you on Friday night? Were you in the apartment? Did you stay in Brooklyn?