Some notes to my self trying to get it all down why I wasn't feeling satisfied.

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Maybe the issue is I feel like I need a purpose. Something I’m passionate about. I think the things the EFF is doing is interesting and important, and so few people seem interested. Perhaps I should work towards teaming up with Tara to be a fight for good against tech/government overreach. 

- [x] Scraping. It’s okay because they appear to be a student or professor and we will find a way to block them or slow them down a lot. 
- [x] Law school situation. It’s okay because many of the schools are east coast and there’s no need to be concerned yet, just have to wait until she has decisions. 
    - [ ] Really looking into it. It seems like people say to go to the best law school you get into, and that Harvard has a pretty good cyberlaw program, and Stanford's is lacking and Yale might be O.K. Frankly, I think that means she's probably going to go to Harvard. They're all about the same cost ($85k/year including room/board), so it could depend on who gives her financial aid. 
    - [ ]
        - [ ] Stanford (and Yale) do seem to offer some extra aid, but it's only like $3k more than Harvard and Columbia, so no significant differences. 
        - [ ] I can offer to pay to make up for any differences if it means us living together/living on the east coast.
        - [ ] Only bad thing is that Stanford has a better clerkship rate than Harvard (like a lot better), but Yale beats Stanford. 
        - [ ] People seem to say Harvard is more competitive, people are more laid back at Stanford. Seems like people at Stanford may be insecure about Harvard. Harvard also has a larger network, which people say can be good. 
        - [ ] Harvard definitely beats Stanford in course selection, partly because of its size, so that's pretty important. If she's looking for choice, not sure exactly what she wants to do, Harvard appears to be the better bet.
        - [ ] Ultimately, it seems like it's kind of a toss-up between the two, and just comes down to preference.
        - [ ] Stanford internet center vs Harvard Berkman center:
            - [ ] There is 1 Stanford faculty, and 9 team members. Whereas Harvard seems to have way more.
- [x] Stomach. It’s okay because I can just start taking nexium and then see a GI doctor at some point, and they probably won’t have to put me under. 
- [x] Tara. We just need to get back into the swing of things a bit, and things are hard now because of everything else. 
- [x] Missing family. This feeling will pass as time goes on. 
- [ ] Not living in NY. You are more productive not with friends, so focus on that. You will end up there, but this is good for you now. Even if you were there, you wouldn't see them during the week much most likely. You do like the city, so that sucks, but you'll get there.
- [x] Overall, Coursicle is going well and you have a nice life, so focus on all the things that are going well.