Clips from family videos taken over the course of a decade.

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Early Joe Standing

Joe and Julianna Playing

Kindergarden Joe Talking about School

Mom and Dad Circa 2000

Paul and Mom Before Clearing Was Made For House

Joe's First Time Using a Mac

Joe Dancing with Cary Neighbor

Joe Saying There's my Manners

Rosie Protecting Joe from Granny

Joe Petting Julianna After Being Born

Joe Saying Hospital Wrong

Joe, Julianna, and Grayson

Russell and Toy Dinosaur

Montessori class 301 circa 2002

Doe Nah Noe Peace Pa Chem with Peter

Joe in Montessori class 301 as second grader with parents in class

Epitome of Joe's Childhood

Montessori class 302 while Joe in 5th grade

Julianna saying Wassup Age 2

Julianna Trying to Sneak Cookies Part 1

Julianna Trying to Sneak Cookies Part 2

Dad talking about Snow

Russell Attacking Toy Race Cars

Julianna giving Biscotti from Acquerello

Dad Opening Pasta