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Considering the price of flight is highly dependent on how early you buy the ticket, I was hoping we could buy the tickets for my next trips to boston very soon as they're increasing in price. 

Tara's coming here on the 21st of September which is this Friday and she's leaving on Sunday. 

Two weeks from the 21st is October 5th. But because I don't have classes on Fridays, I can leave on October 4th (which is great because the flights are a lot cheaper). I could come back on Sunday evening (7th) or Monday morning (8th). 

A week and a half later, I have fall break which is from Wednesday October 17th to Monday October 22nd. Li's flying down on the 17th and he was hoping we could be on the same flight but if the prices are less for a different flight then I think I should definitely take the less expensive route. 

I've attached links to the Google flights page for the October 5th trip, the October 17th trip, and the link for the flight that Li is on. 

October 4th (my last class ends at 1:45):;f=RDU;t=BOS;d=2012-10-04;r=2012-10-08

October 17th (my last class ends at 12:50):;f=RDU;t=BOS;d=2012-10-17;r=2012-10-22

Li's flight for the 17th:;f=RDU;t=BOS;d=2012-10-17;r=2012-10-22;sel=DL4897

Things have been going pretty well here. Math 521 is very hard but I've been studying with 2 other kids in the class around 12 hours a week. Things with Tara have been good and I'm taking my medicine every day. Scotty has been a lot of fun and I think he's a very good roommate for me. My mood has been generally neutral, which is an improvement from often depressed. Paul came over on Friday night and he, Alan, Li, Chiraayu and I played video games, soccer, and went to Wendy's and had a lot of fun. The only thing that has been bothering me is a dearth of food options that I would like to eat. I've been eating the microwavable pizzas but there's only one of them left and I don't think I should be eating them for every meal. I'll look into getting more snack food such as chips. I've been eating a lot of Alpine sandwiches such as the Italian Stallion. If you have any suggestions on what I should do on the food situation I'd really like to know. 

Hope things are going well with you guys,