A list of fun and interesting facts I've learned about New York.

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New York was the first capital of the U.S. for 5 years. George Washington was sworn in in front of Federal Hall. The bill of rights was also written there.

John Jacob Astor was a business and real estate guy. One of the richest guys in the world at the time. Owned a lot of the area around St. Marks, was named after his death Astor Place. He died on the titanic, was the richest passenger. He built the "(Astor)ia" hotel, now called the Waldorf-Astoria.

The NY Subway has the most stations of any metro in the world. 2-5 minutes during on peak wait, 10-20 off peak.

The planned L train shutdown from 2019 was actually due to the need to fix damage from hurricane sandy like 7 years earlier.

All but like 4 crossing of subway tracks are “grade separated”, meaning one goes above the other.

Subway opened in 1904.

July 27th, 2021: Camilo Bernal went "huh" and guy who sells gatorade and water in WSP pays $95,000/year in permit for right to sell, park sets the price of all items.

There has been a proposal since 1920 that a line be built under second avenue.

The colors are called “lines”, so the BDFM line. And the B train runs on a certain “track”. So there are usually 3-4 tracks for a line. Normally, the outer two are used by local trains, while the inner one or two are used by express trains.

The technical term for the line isn’t BDFM, which are the trains that run on that line, but basically the avenue it usually runs on. So BDFM is the 6th Avenue line. ACE is eighth Avenue line. NQRW is the Broadway line. 123 is the Broadway-seventh Avenue line. 456 is Lexington Avenue line.

Typically a train has between 8 and 11 cars. Up to 600 feet long.

Metro card introduced in 1993. Transfer from subway to bus within 2 hours for free. Unlimited cards were only added in 1998! Metro card should go away by 2023.