A set of quotes that I accrued on my Facebook page.

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"You get my goat going" - Tara & Joe

"Wait....what?" -Elliot/me

"Were not going to get there any sooner if we're dead!" -Mickey

"Matt and GiGi are dating, Dana and Stephen are dating, me and jonathan are....(pause for laughter).no no! That's not what I meant!" -Mike to me and Jonathan

"Dude, when I was playing hide and seek I would go into my closet and just laugh." -Jonathan to me and Mike

"Oh, I love big hands" -Me to Brett

"AHH!" -Girlish scream at The Dark Night

"I'll give you money if you touch me." -Eno to Ryan when she was looking for money to get into volleyball.

Ms. Gerber: "Who lived to be 700 years old?" Me: "Yoda!"

"Sammy! I'm back and I brought protection!" -Graham

"10 bucks says I enjoy it." -Me to Sarah H.pho

"How old are you witch?" -Ms. Bruce (Me & Katie)

"Muy Fail" - Substitute (Me & Katie)

"Stop Leaning On Me!!!" -Ricardo (Katie & I don't stop laughing for the next 4 minutes)

"We should just split the load next time" - Me & Elliot

"I'm shitable" - Mickey

"No, you cry all you want. I'm a bitch" -My Mom