After several days of searching for a psychologist who would take me on as a new patient, Dr. Badler agreed to take me on. I was enormously grateful, and he did help me enormously especially at the beginning. That said, he often brought up how annoying it was to get reimbursed through my health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield, which he was in-network for) and would sometimes take that frustration out on me/ask me to do things that appeared to be his job.

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Moreover, when we decided I didn't need to resume therapy, he said something that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. He said if I were to return to him and I had sold Coursicle and had a bunch of money, he would want me to pay without insurance (out of pocket) instead of paying with insurance. That felt like an overstep. Turns out, I wasn't the only patient to have this experience with him.