My experience having an endoscopy without sedation.

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One of the nurses had done it with and without sedation, he gave advice, like try to cough if you are having trouble breathing, and the worst part is when they first put the scope down. 

I wasn't really bothered by a lot of the stuff: the taste of the pill wasn't bad, I thought my throat wasn't really numb enough, I wasn't having too much trouble swallowing after letting the pill melt, etc. 

Most painful part was IV 

Asked if they could give me anti nausea. 

bit doctor’s finger when he was first putting the scope in asking me to swallow. Pulled it out and gave me more instructions. 

Only 3 second period, one breath, when I felt like I couldn’t breathe. But the nurse had recommended I clear my throat and that made t better. 

Burp a couple of times while they were putting air into the stomach. Not that painful, just kind of like a sudden burst of a burp. Just was a bit uncomfortable but not that bad.

After the first 30-45 seconds I was just trying to say "I'm good" basically over and over again, because it wasn't that bad at that point. They could take their time. 

Definitely the worst part was the very beginning when they put the tube down. Felt like gagging

Felt like 1.5 minutes, apparently it was 6 minutes with the tube in my throat. 

Didnt even really feel it in my throat. 

Only really gagged when they first put it in. 

The saline solution made me shake I think. I got cold. I was kind of shaking uncontrollably right before. 

Right before the doctor said only in the United States is it common for them to do it with sedation.