Little did I know how many years it would take for Apple to get their shit together.

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	Hi Osias, 

I received the replacement machine yesterday and got a chance to set it up today. I was very saddened to discover some issues on the new machine, none of which are present on my current machine (and these new issues are unfortunately worse). 

There is a scratch below the left speaker grille which is rather visible. Moreover, there are multiple hairline scratches on either side of the left command key (which run parallel to the top of the trackpad). I've attached videos which display these scratches. I use my finger and a napkin to demonstrate that they do not wipe off. 

Worst of all, the new machine has a really terrible issue which I experienced with my first 2016 MacBook Pro (order number: W435540100), but have not experienced on my current machine, thankfully. When the new computer I received yesterday warms up, the "5" key makes a very high pitched clicking noise. I actually posted a video and some audio of the issue occurring on my first 2016 MacBook Pro on, and since then, a couple dozen people have said they've run into the same issue and received multiple replacements all with the same problem. There is also an Apple discussion that I link to in my post which discusses the issue. Here's the link to my post:

To prove that I am the user Monstermac77, I've edited the very bottom of the original post to include the last four digits of this order number (which is 0664). If you need more verification, I'd be happy to provide it. I've attached a video of the issue occurring on my new replacement machine, for your reference. 

I've uploaded the videos to a shared Google Drive folder as well, in case the videos I've attached via Mail Drop don't work for you. Note that you may have to download the videos from Google Drive to get the full quality versions (which is important for viewing the scratches):

Please let me know your thoughts on how we should proceed.