An email I wrote to Tim Cook because I was so tired of dealing with the bullshit keyboard issues of the MacBook Pro. I was an early adopter of the 2016 models as I was eagerly awaiting a redesign to upgrade to from my 2012, but within a couple hours I had some funkiness with the keyboard. I made sure that my post didn't get lost in the noise, and sure enough hundreds of others were having issues with the keyboard (it's now one of the top 40 posts in the MacBook Pro category on MacRumors, with 320,000 views and over 2,000 replies). This eventually led to a number articles featuring this issue and my video. Little did I know it would be 3 years before Apple righted course. Apple really did not do the right thing here, and this is probably the most Apple has ever dissappointed me since I became a devout customer in 2007 (with the iPod Touch and a PowerBook G4). Tim never responded (not surprised), although I have gone back and forth a couple times over the years with Federighi over some software questions I've had (he's been great).

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Subject: High pitched key click on 2016 MacBook Pro

Hi Tim,

I’m an iOS developer and a long time Apple customer (11 of my 22 years).

When I received my first 2016 MacBook Pro, I noticed a very high pitched click after pressing some of the keys. I ordered a replacement, which I received today, and have found this one has the same issue. The sound only occurs when the computer is running warm. Here’s a video from my first machine:

I made a thread on MacRumors which now a couple dozen people have responded to. Many of them have gone through 2 or 3 replacements, all with the same issue.

Is Apple aware of this problem?