I've exchanged quite a bit with Joe Rodgers at RSL, and I must say, this is a fantastic company. It's one of the few companies where I felt like they cared about me so much as a customer that I wanted to return the favor and offer my help to them. Come for the product, stay for the support. Proud to own a Speedwoofer 10S.

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I'm currently considering adding the Speedwoofer 10S to my first surround sound system! I've heard fantastic things about your team and your eagerness to help your customers get the best performance out of their subs. That kind of support is very refreshing to see, especially as a newcomer!

I just moved into a very, very small pre-war apartment in NYC (entire apartment is ~300 square feet). My living room (which is conjoined with my kitchen, hallway entry to bathroom/bedroom) is about 180 square feet. The entire apartment has 8 inch ceilings, and the interior walls appear to be drywall and based on the feel I believe the exterior walls are plaster. Now, unfortunately, my apartment is small enough that I really only have one feasible location for my subwoofer (one corner of the living room, to the right of the TV), so I'm a bit concerned that the various geometries might conspire to give a bad experience on my couch. Given my space is this small and I can't do the subwoofer "crawl" to the same effect as most, I was curious if you had any advice/words of encouragement when setting up a subwoofer in such a small and inflexible space?

Secondly, the corner of my room that I'd like to place the subwoofer is directly next to (and I mean almost 0 clearance) my tower PC. Do you anticipate this to be an issue electromagnetically, vibrationally, both? One thing to note is that I only have an SSD, so perhaps the absence of a ferromagnet in my PC might make putting a giant electromagnet next to it totally fine.

Lastly, I was wondering if you'd be willing to provide a discount on the sub to help make my decision easier?

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Mar 29, 2021, 11:33 PM
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Hi Joe,


Thank you for writing us, and for the kind words!


To address your last question first, there won’t be any issues electromagnetically and I don’t believe vibration will be an issue either. If it is, you could always consider isolation feet or an isolation platform for the sub and/or computer tower.


As far as the placement goes, the larger a space becomes, the harder it is to pressurize. Also, the harder i9t is to accomplish evenly distributed bass. This won’t be as challenging in a small space. If anything, the challenge for you will be turning the volume down enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed – an easy hurdle to overcome. This can solution can also be supplemented with an isolation pad or high-pass filter.


As far as pricing goes, I wish we could offer a discount. We always try to accommodate as best as we can. But the Speedwoofer is an impossible request for us. Our cost in the build is high, as we use all high quality, custom-designed components (no off-the-shelf pieces). Our enclosure is more solid and also more expensive. On top of that, all of our parts suppliers are raising prices (thanks to Covid). We currently fighting to avoid a price increase, that will ultimately be inevitable. So we have to stick to $399 for as long as we can. Keep in mind the shipping to NY alone is $58. This is included in the $399.


Best Regards-


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