An email I wrote to HBO after I started watching "Silicon Valley". In retrospect, it's probable that they chose to just be representative of the actual gender ratios in these communities, which they got spot on.

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To Whom It May Concern:

I've been watching "Silicon Valley" since the pilot and have for the most part enjoyed it as, having founded a technology startup myself, I can relate to many of the roadblocks that the characters have faced. However, I find myself distracted by the show's absence of main female characters. As a male computer programmer, I find the gender ratio in my field disgraceful and I want nothing more but to encourage more women to pursue computer programming. I and those who share my mission will not succeed if popular media, such as HBO, continues to propagate the stereotype that the tech community consists almost exclusively of men. I implore you, for my enjoyment of this series as well as for the inclusion of half the world's population into a beautiful and exciting profession, to do your part and increase the number of female hackers on this show.

Thank you so much for reading this,