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I'm so glad that things are better between us. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest.

I made some progress on math which has made me happy but moreover, I finally feel like my world's not falling apart. It's because I know that you'll be here in four days and that we're happy and good for each other. I'm glad that I could cheer you up and make you feel a little better with our conversation after I finished dinner. I think that the kind of fights we went through would have been fatal for many, many couples. Thank you for never giving up on me even when I was being irrational and cruel. The reason we've been able to get past everything though, I think, is because we both were able to be understanding and forgive the other, to trust the other even when both of us had our trust shaken. We've always spoken about how we were extremely understanding... I agree, I think it's amazing how quickly we got past the fights. 

Right now I'm sitting on the futon, I feel very comfortable and happy, and tired too which is good because I'll fall asleep quickly. I'm listening to All American Rejects which remind me of middle school years...I remember how you told me that you always wanted someone to love and take care of. I was the same way. This one song, My Paper Heart, reminds me of how I would used to listen to love songs and wonder when I would meet the right guy or if I would. Do you like the song Breathe by Michelle Branch? I actually adore this one album I have by her. I'll have to play it when you're with me....I was going to send you a song I wanted you to listen to but there are so many, so we'll just have to listen to the album (there's a song about finding your love (that's why I thought of Michelle Branch in the first place), a song with a little bit of french, a song I used to listen to when I was mad at Sean, and more!). I never realized there was so much meaning to one album. 

Yeah so my emails don't have as nice of a flow as yours, but I figure you'll still like to hear my random stream of thoughts. 

I just adore you, Joe...I want you to know that I still remember how understanding and sweet you are. I know that very few boys would be willing to drop whatever they were doing if I was crying or upset. I know that no boy would write the types of emails that you write to me, or be willing to be so vulnerable and honest and open with me. No boy could be as romantic as you, playing music out of your room when I visit, or as thoughtful as you, bringing me cords and batteries and what not, setting all sorts of alarms. 

I'm glad that I'm yours. I'm so lucky to be your girlfriend, your fiancee, your best friend...

I hope you get a lot of sleep baby... I love you so much 

Tara Aida