After he subbed for our computer organization class at UNC, I struck up a conversation with professor Henry Fuchs about something (I don't really remember), but it led to us talking about the keyboard layout that I typed in, Dvorak. He was fascinated and told me about his work many years ago on alternate input devices for computers. We talked for a couple hours and I helped him remap his caps lock key to backspace, something I'd done for years because it significantly reduces how much hand travel you have to do to type.

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Dvorak researching for Dr. Fuchs

Go to sys prefs, language, keyboard prefs at the bottom, and show input in menu bar.

Edit to try to understand (made 4/17/14): So next to the a in qwerty is an “s” and in dvorak it’s an ‘o’. And the qwerty’s ‘o’ is up in the top right of the keyboard. What will happen is that sometimes when I try to type ‘o’ in Dvorak is that I’d type the new ‘o’ location and sometimes I’d type the old ‘o’ location, which essentially means that I organize things in a non-bijective mapping because I imagine the key being in two positions in once.

Remapping backspace to caps lock.