My supplemental essays for Duke.

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Why Duke?

I have read that college is "what you make of it" and it doesn't matter very much which college one attends. Although I agree that one can get a great education at an average college or an average education at a great college, I know that I do best in an environment where I can readily discuss my ideas with peers and teachers. I believe that Duke, with its high standards for admissions and its renowned faculty and alumni, will provide an excellent environment for me to pursue my studies.

I want to be around students who are interested and engaged; students who question things as I do; students who are going to test a formula before using it. I'm looking for a collaborative environment in which other students inspire me and share their insights. I want to work with people like me, people who really care about the basis of the topic and not the superficial aspects such as formulae. I want to be with people who can explain a formula with words and diagrams. Based on Duke’s small class sizes and diverse student body, I believe that it will provide the best environment for this to occur.

Research Short Statement

As I mentioned in the Common Application, I interned at a Physical Chemistry lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this summer. The results of our research have been published in "The Journal of Physical Chemistry". I am a co-author on the paper. The complete paper is now available at

This experience further developed my interest in laboratory research and exposed me to some of the applications of advanced mathematics such as the Fourier series. In the future, I would like to work on the mathematics behind experiments in order to generate further predictions and analysis. I currently most enjoy creating mathematical models of physical phenomena and mathematically analyzing experimental data.